Magician With A Paintbrush

Richard P. Heath


For over 35 years, Richard Heath was the principal artist for Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Magic Company, the world's longest running resident stage magic ensemble, that performed at the 1920 Cabot Street Cinema Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts. During that time, he specialized in the  painting of magical illusions, portraits, murals, and theatrical scenery for which he was recognized with specially created awards for the visual arts in magic. His work during that period is highly valued by collectors.

The company's final performance was on May 27, 2012. After much deliberation, it seemed to be the right time to embark on a new venture, aptly named Magician With A Paintbrush, concentrating on the  custom construction and painting of magic illusions for collectors as well as portraiture and the production of fine art. 

His workshop is now located in Salem, Massachusetts.