Magician With A Paintbrush

Richard P. Heath

Collapsible  Table

Fu Manchu Dragon Table

Matching Side Tables with "Lazy Susan" Tops

Hand-painted Owen Nesting Boxes

Sword Box

Fu Manchu Inspired Duck Vanish

Dragon Table 

Production Box and Table

Mirror Penetration

Each work above was painted by the artist during the 35 years of performances of Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Magic Company. ​Others, such as the Sword Box, Fu Manchu Duck Vanish, and the tables, were also built by him. Commissions are now being accepted.

Completion Time: Custom-made and hand-painted items do take time and will be completed in the order commissions are received. Special arrangements can be made upon request.

Prices: Prices correspond to size and complexity. All prices are by mutual agreement.

Deposit and Payment: An initial deposit is required to cover cost of materials only. Final payment is due upon your acceptance of finished product. Photos of the piece will be forwarded for approval. If the finished piece is not acceptable, you will only be responsible for cost of materials with no further cost to you or obligation on the part of either you or artist.

Shipping, Insurance and Sales Tax: Items will be securely packed by the artist. You will be responsible for insurance, shipping costs, and for sales tax when applicable. 

Reproductions: Permission will be requested to allow the use of images of the completed piece for display or promotional purposes.