Magician With A Paintbrush

Richard P. Heath

Fine Art Series

Images from the Floating World

Image from the Floating World, Numbers 1 & 2 

Acrylic, Canvas on panel, 44” x 14”.

Copyright © Magician With A Paintbrush 2013

In seventeenth and eighteenth century Japan, a popular art, known as Ukiyo-e, flourished. Ukiyo-e was the world of illusion, of transience, of insubstantiality, of the ephemeral. It was also the world of elaborately dressed courtesans, famous beauties, geishas and popular entertainers, that was idealized and immortalized in woodblock prints, and influenced artists such as Mary Cassatt, James McNeill Whistler, and vincent Van Gogh.

Works in Progress

The Kimono.

The Dragon.