Magician With A Paintbrush

Richard P. Heath

The Photograph: The higher the quality of the photograph, the better the portrait. Large, clear, well-lit, color photographs that accurately capture the coloring of the subject will allow for more accuracy and detail in the portrait. 

Carefully proof your photo. Be satisfied that the image you submit is the one you really want. Consider the following:

    Does the subject look its best?

    Does the photo give the proper final impression that you envision? 

    Does the background enhance or detract? 

Photo prints or digital files accepted. Photos should be scanned at 300 dpi (dots per inch). TIFF or Jpeg files are acceptable. Please forward to email address on the Contact page. Prints can also be mailed to P. O. Box 419, Beverly, MA 01915 USA. 

The Creative Process: A portrait is a collaborative process. Modifications such as "cropping" or simplifying the background may be recommended. You will be asked to approve a "working model" before painting begins, and will proof a photo of the portrait before completion, for final suggestions and approval. 

Completion Time: Portraits do take time and will be completed in the order commissions are received. Special arrangements can be made upon request.

Prices: Portrait prices correspond to size, numbers of figures, and complexity background. All prices are by mutual agreement.

Deposit and Payment: An initial deposit is required to cover cost of materials only. Final payment is due upon your acceptance of finished portrait. If the finished portrait is not acceptable, you will only be responsible for cost of materials with no further cost to you or obligation on the part of either you or artist.

Framing: You will be responsible for framing, however the portrait can be framed at an additional cost. Options and prices available upon request.

Shipping: Portraits will be securely packed by the artist. You will be responsible for insurance and shipping costs.

Reproductions: Permission will be requested to allow the use of images of the portrait for display or promotional purposes.